Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why Are Whites Angry?

Whenever white people raise issues of importance to them, people of color trivialize them by referring to "'white' anger". They claim that most white people are treated more favorably than people of color, and those who complain are merely unhappy at losing "control". That perspective demands some investigation.

Newspapers print "news releases" from politically correct activists without questioning the truth of their claims. Everywhere white people look, their race is being unfairly vilified. Television and comic strips portray whites as bumbling, incompetent idiots. Jokes about rednecks and hillbillies and stupid dads sell, but jokes that bash blacks or Asians would be socially unacceptable. Classes use text books, altered by the P.C. police, and methods which favor blacks' styles of learning. State and federal governments have programs to help so-called minorities, but none for whites. All of society, is seems, has become anti-white.

The anger white people feel comes from large scale, institutionalized discrimination reflected in major areas of society. It is similar to the anger felt by migrants, suffragettes, and other oppressed minorities in times past. As such, it is RIGHTEOUS anger, and its causes need to be addressed. Hopefully, a fully supported White's Commission will do just that.

Source: Why are men angry? by Paul Clements

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